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Rita Connelly, COTA/L

I am a dedicated and skilled Licensed Occupational Therapy Assistant who is deeply committed to making a positive impact on the lives of the aging and disabled population. With a profound passion for advocacy, education, and empowerment, I tirelessly work to enhance the quality of life for individuals who require my expertise. Occupational therapists are also known for their creative and I have used that creativity to also form a thriving craft business.


In the tapestry of existence, where souls unite, Each life a verse, a flicker in the cosmic night, From distant stars to earthbound dreams, they weave, A symphony of hearts, a tapestry to believe.

With every breath, a fragile ember’s glow, In every step, a dance of hopes bestowed, For all lives, a yearning, a shared embrace, Love, compassion, and encouragement grace.

The newborn’s cry, a call for love’s embrace, A journey’s start, a fragile, tender grace, In laughter’s echo, and in tears that fall, A common thread that binds us all.

From mountaintops where eagles soar above, To ocean depths where mysteries are wove, In cities’ hustle, in the forest’s calm, In every heart, a thirst for soothing balm.

Oh, let us offer hands to mend and heal, A kind word’s warmth, a touch that’s real, For every soul, a need for solace’s wing, To lift them high, to let their spirits sing.

In shadows cast, where loneliness resides, In broken dreams and in the darkest tides, We hold the power to ignite the flame, And fan the embers to erase the pain.

So let us be the whispers in the wind, The steady guide where troubled hearts rescind, With love, compassion, encouragement so true, All lives shall flourish, like morning’s dew.

What I Do
  • Rehabilitation COTA
  • Functional activity provider
  • Provider of education for patients
  • Provider of education for health care professionals
  • Aging in Place Consultant
  • Shop Owner of Tootsie Belle Designz
  • Maker of handmade goods